Switch it on, press the reset button 3-4 times which sets up an access point. That means you will see a new Wifi network "iSpindel" where you connect to with your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Now the browser should automatically redirect you to the page If not, navigate there yourself and press enter.

If you are now on the portal page, under Configuration you can enter your token and the wifi password that you need for your network.

iSpindle setup should look like this


Server = Monitor.beer

Update Intervall = 900

Name = red,green,black,blue,white (each of your units have different color name)

Url = /ispindel/?username

Polinominal = tilt

Then click on safe and it will send the data to Monitor.beer. This means that the iSpindel is not reachable in normal operation, until you manually start the portal again