Create following in this webservice.
  1. Create a new production (Batch) in Remember batch number, you need this for your TILT app on your phone.
  2. You have following brew you can send data to :

    Open TILT app on you phone and activate settings.
    1. Choose Color
    2. Add Batch in SET BEER NAMES field.
    3. Press button  SET BEER NAME .
    4. Add Where 3sverd is your personal username in Enter Logging URL:
    5. Activate button  Check here to start logging data to the cloud..
    6. Open again and activate your brew to receive data from your TILT.
    7. Remember to deactivate screen saver on your phone, if active the phone does not send any data to the cloud.
  3. You should now see data coming into every 15 minutes.