What is MyBrewbot?

If you have a TILT ™ or aiSpindel ™, then use MyBrewbot to monitor temperature and OG. You do not need a iPad or smartphone beside the fermetationchamber any more. If you use multiple TILT ™ devices, it is no problem MyBrewbot can handle up to 4 units..

If you have a pressurechamber, you can insert a digital pressuresensor to monitor the pressure under the fermetation of you beer.

If you have a Plaato Airlock ™, you can also integrate the MyBrewbot controller and send data to the Monitor.beer

If you do not have a TILT ™ / iSpindel ™ / Plaato ™ så bruk MyBrewbot for å få et estimat av din spesifikke tyngdekraft (OG). 

How to configure MyBrewBot to work together with Monitor.beer

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